Kelly Clarkson released the single and music video for the song “Favorite Kind of High”.

The video for “Favorite Kind of High” shows the 41-year-old singer and television personality performing the song live at the Belasco theater in Los Angeles. Clarkson shares that the track captures a happier moment in her relationship with her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, from whom she split in 2020: “I don’t want just some sad, I just got divorced and my life sucks, dumpster fire record. Now that’s in there, but I wanted it to be about the whole relationship. One thing I have learned, in a lot of therapy, is it’s not about just the bad. It was a whole thing. It doesn’t mean everything is bad. There’s nothing like that high when you first see someone.”

“Favorite Kind of High” appears on Clarkson’s forthcoming 10th studio album, Chemistry, set for release June 23.
Take a look at the video for “Favorite Kind of High” – here.

Kelly Clarkson Shares New Summery Single “favorite kind of high”

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